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Grand Forks Wedding Photographer



I suppose we should start by introducing ourselves!! We're Jamie and Jeremy. YES we're married and YES we share the same birthday ( October 14th, just in case you need to add that to your calendar).
We Have two adorable kitties, Dexter and Link. We cook colorful food. Our first date was a photo shoot. We write and record music late at night. Ride bikes together, because its super fun and we get to wear spandex. Religiously drink Coke Zero. Freak out for the World Cup, Lord of The Rings and Toy Story. Strictly adhere to our weekly sushi date. Will retire to Disneyworld.

We're in love with each other and we love our job. Weddings are incredible things. We love being right in the middle of all the commotion, all the energy and family, all of the details and planning, all the excitement and love, the once in a lifetime sensation, and then being able to capture the little intimate beautiful moments. It's why we love what we do so much!!

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